Reclaiming work by André Gorz

Testi — March 17, 2012

p.42 (…) in a word, all who give wholly of their persons in the service of activities which are gratifying in themselves, but by way of which they become venal and eager instruments of an alien will: in which they sell themselves. For what they get paid for is not an objectivized product which could be detached from their persons, but the deployment of their creative skills, of their ‘talents’ for purposes dictated by their employer or client. Sovereignly free within limits imposed by someone else; free to achieve the aims of a master, but free for that only. (…) That integrity is always at stake, or any other resource which is not detachable from the subject deploying it.
The sale of the self reaches its height among freelance providers of professional services who are both their own fixed capital, its valorization by labour, the commodity sold on the market and the promoters, by a carefully elaborated commercial strategy, of that commodity.

Gorz, André. Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society. Cambridge: Polity Press, 1999.

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