From Holloway to Hollywood by Angela McRobbie

Testi — March 17, 2012

p.101 (…) the concept of talent is aggressively deployed to dramatic effect. In the cultural sector, those up to the age of approximately 40 now normatively self-exploit themselves by working hours no employer could legally enforce; they also do without all the protection afforded by employee status, including sickness benefits; they are largely non-unionized; they are expected to take out private pension plans (which many cannot afford to do); they are unable to claim benefits for non-work time between jobs or ‘projects’; and they also cover their own workspace and equipment costs. All of this in the hope of talent paying off. Labour is reorganized along wildly free market lines by promoting talent as that which lies within us all, waiting to be tapped into.

McRobbie, Angela. “From Holloway to Hollywood: Happiness at Work in the New Cultural Economy?” In Cultural Economy: Cultural Analysis and Commercial Life, edited by Paul Du Gay and Micheal Pryke. London: Sage, 2002.

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