Designers’ Inquiry @ Milano e Oltre

News — May 19, 2013

On Saturday, 25th May 2013 we’ll take part in a roundtable discussion curated by Careof DOCVA at the Triennale in Milan, which takes place in the frame of the exhibition/event “Milano e Oltre: una visione in movimento” (“Milan and Beyond: a vision in motion”), curated by Connecting Cultures. During the discussion we will present and discuss the results of Designers’ Inquiry.

The idea behind the roundtable discussion is to use the results of the inquiry as a starting point for a dialogue, with the wish to create connections that aim at planning concrete actions between those who operate within the field of design, and, in general, in the field of cognitive/creative labour.

We also invited Dario Banfi (ACTA), ReRePre (the Network of Precarious Editors) and AIS (the Italian Association of Design Historians) to join the discussion. The discussion will take place in an informal atmosphere with snacks and drinks.

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