Cotton bags

Shop — January 23, 2013


Raw, heavy duty cotton bags, sawn and screen printed in Poland, with four different illustrations by Caterina Giuliani. These bags were originally made in order to support the four groups of activists Brave New Alps worked with during their residency in Warsaw in 2011: the Warsaw Food Cooperative, WSPÓL.DZIELNIA, Emma Hostel and the Common University in Teremiski. Each group was given 200 bags with the idea that they could be sold or given away as a present. Also the Construction site got 100 bags (25 for each kind), which are now for sale here.

In order to buy one or more bags, please select one of the packets below and once the payment went through send us an e-mail specifying which bags you want us to send you. The packets already contain shipping cost.

The specified prices are only for packets to be shipped to a European country. If you want the packed to be sent to Italy go to the Italian version of this page.


Warsaw Food Cooperative


Emma Hostel

Common University in Teremiski

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