Meetings and workshops

  • A tavola con… Cantiere per pratiche non-affermative – Milano & Oltre – Triennale

    May 27, 2013
    Roundtable discussion around Designers' Inquiry, which was curated by Careof DOCVA and that took place on Saturday, 25th May at the Treinnale in Milan in the frame of “Milano e Oltre: una visione in movimento” curated by Connecting Cultures.
  • A tavola con… Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed

    February 24, 2013
    During the lunch with the two authors we mainly discussed about the methodologies that the collective Wu Ming adopts in order to organise its work - how the research activity is dealt with, what the weekly meetings of the group look like, how external collaborations come about, the mechanisms of their collective writing, the roles of the members of the band.
  • Designers’ Inquiry – workshop with Gianluca Seta

    January 29, 2013
    From the 25th to the 27th January 2013 we organised an intensive workshop around the Designers' Inquiry at Careof DOCVA's residency at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.
  • Designers’ Inquiry – processing

    July 13, 2012
    We started processing the data collected through the Designers' Inquiry. Hard work, but very interesting indeed! We hope that soon a first report will be ready.
  • Werkstattgespräche roundtable discussion

    December 21, 2011
    Giorgio Camuffo invited the Construction site for non-affirmative practice to host a roundtable discussion at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano as part of the series Werkstattgespräche.
  • Micropolitics workshop with Valeria Graziano

    December 21, 2011
    As the group of people involved in the Construction site was already in Bolzano for the roundtable discussion Werstattgespräche, we took the opportunity to organise a workshop with Valeria Graziano to reflect on the micropolitics, challenges, opportunities and visions of our forming collective.
  • Made in Italy (behind the scene)

    October 29, 2011
    As a conclusion to our stay in Milan, Isacco Chiaf performed his piece Made in Italy (behind the scene), which he had been expanding and improving during the two months at Careof.
  • A tavola con… Stefano Maffei

    October 27, 2011
  • A tavola con… Giovanni Anceschi

    October 25, 2011
    Per il terzo incontro di “A Tavola con…” abbiamo invitato Giovanni Anceschi. For the third meeting La discussione ha avuto come punto di partenza una citazione di Maldonado, essendo stato lo stesso Anceschi un allievo del professore di ULM: “Progettare prodotti significa coordinare, integrare ed articolare tutti quei fattori che in un modo o nell’altro, […]
  • Meeting Dario Banfi

    October 25, 2011
    Dario Banfi, member of ACTA (Associazione Consulenti Terziario Avvanzato), gave us an introduction to the tax regulations for freelance workers in Italy.
  • “Cultural assotiations” with Marta Bianchi

    October 22, 2011
    Marta Bianchi, project organiser at Careof, whose field of expertise is cultural management, gave us an extensive overview of the legal options for setting up a cultural association in Italy.
  • A tavola con… Alberto Bassi and Fiorella Bulegato

    October 20, 2011
    We opened the discussion series A Tavola con… with a lunch with Alberto Bassi and Fiorella Bulegato. From the discussion it became evident that designers, today more than in the past, are asked to deal with more and more complex problems, which affect different aspects of our society. Today, it is necessary to face a […]
  • Meeting the Carrotworkers’ Collective

    October 9, 2011
    Two members of the Carrotworkers’ Collective, a London-based group of ex-interns, students, researchers and cultural workers, who regularly meet to think together around the conditions of free labour in contemporary societies, introduced us to their work and followed up the discussion with a workshop on the next day.
  • Meeting Serpica Naro

    October 8, 2011
    Serpica Naro is a ficticious fashion meta-brand that has been launched during the 2005 Milan Fashion Week. Serpica Naro is the anagram of San Precario.
  • Meeting San Precario

    October 5, 2011
    San Precario is the patron saint of the precarious, he is irreverent, mocking and offensive.