A Tavola con… Wu Ming 2 e Antar Mohamed

News — February 9, 2013

A tavola con… Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed

Wednesday, 20th February 2013

Careof DOCVA
Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milan

7pm @ Careof DOCVA: public reading
Careof DOCVA Wednesday 20th February 2013 at 7pm presents, in collaboration with the Construction site for non-affirmative practice, a public reading of Timira with Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed.

Timira is co-authored ‘half-caste novel’ that mixes memory, archival document and narrative invention.

Published in 2012 by Einaudi, Timira tells seventy years of history seen through the eyes of a dark-skinned Italian. Passing from the beginnings of Fascism to the end of the Cold War, it investigates the bond between Italy and Africa from a very personal point of view.

1.30pm @ FDV Residency: A Tavola con… Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed [rsvp]
A tavola con…Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed, is a conversation around a lunch table at the FDV Residency, between the designers of the Construction Site, Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed.

The informal setting of the lunch, prepared by the designers, will frame the discussion around the sustainability of critical collective practices. The use of the web, the creation of shared processes and the practice of copyleft will be among the issues discussed.

The conversation will also rotate around the creation of shared imaginaries, which is one of the commonalities between the two groups: the designers of the Construction site for non-affirmative practice engage not only in the creation of objects, but also in the creation of relations, processes, languages, and social imaginaries; Wu Ming have made the construction of ‘other’ imaginaries the starting point of their work.

If you are interested to join the conversation (in Italian) over lunch, please e-mail us to reserve a place: pratichenonaffermative (at) gmail.com.

Wu Ming
In 1994, hundreds of European artists, activists and pranksters adopted and shared the same identity. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and started to raise hell in the cultural industry. It was a five year plan. They worked together to tell the world a great story, create a legend, give birth to a new kind of folk hero. In January 2000, some of them regrouped as Wu Ming. The latter project, albeit more focused on literature and storytelling in a narrower sense of the word, is no less radical than the old one. The group has authored several novels, translated and published in many languages, identifying themselves with the New Italian Epic.

Antar Mohamed
Born in Mogadishu during the third anniversary of the Somali independence, he grew up under the Siad Barre regime. He lives in Italy since 1983, where he has studied, written, performed, mediated conflicts, translated and taught.

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