Dialogues for emergent design

Testi — November 16, 2012

window874 è un sito che raccoglie la ricerca di Alistair Fuad-Luke e Katherina Moebus sulle pratiche di design che stanno emergendo negli ultimi tempi. Sul sito si trovano molti spunti interessanti per delle discussioni accese sulla direzione da prendere per delle pratiche di design contemporanee.

Design is changing. We are interested in how design can contribute towards ALTERNATIVES…alternative connections, relationships, relations, economic opportunities, exchange systems, innovation platforms, collaborators, experiences, products, services, environments, spaces, governance and more. We believe design needs to look at how better to work with unused resources, untapped skills, redundant time, overlooked spaces and undernourished places. We see designing as a way of building trust, communities, cultures and new language that materialise life differently. We encourage you to join us to accelerate these alternatives by design.

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